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Meet Your Trainer: Dylan Knight

              Originally from LOS ANGELES, Dylan Began his career in the fitness industry right after graduating high school. He then worked for many years in all the major health clubs in LA, gaining experience by training with well over hundreds of people  in that time frame. During this period he received severalSPECIalized certifications which gave him extensive knowledge when it came to training different groups of people. From that point on his  experience, education, and consistent results lead him to becoming a results-Based trainer.

              IN 2020, After years  of working in the Fitness industry, Dylan Decided to open his own gym known as "Fitness From Within Personal Training" in PACIFIC PALISADES, CALIFORNIA. THIS ALLOWED HIM TO IMPACT a lot MORE PEOPLE, WHILE CREATING A PROPER ENVIRONMENT TO ENSURE BETTER RESULTS. SINCE THEN HIS TRAINING FACILITY HAS BECOME A SHRINE FOR POEPLE LOOKING TO TRANSFORM THEIR LIVES THROUGH FITNESS AND ACHIEVE SERIOUS RESULTS. CURRENTLY; he trains clients full time in his private gym; and has the privilege of getting to work with incredible people on a daily basis; all with unique goals and pathways to achieving success.


We offer several different types programs, it all really boils down to what your current goals are and the length of time your looking to accomplish these goals...

Fat-Burning Programs

When it comes to burning fat, it's all about proper caloric management in both the kitchen and gym. How you allocate your calories along with how you train are the biggest determining factors for burning adequate amounts of fat. That being said weight-training has become one of the best proven methods for burning fat effectively and quickly because you burn massive amount of calories in the process. Our fat-burning programs can last anywhere from 3-6 months to an entire year it really just depends on the individual and how far they're wanting to go.


Muscle-Building Programs


Muscle building is a unique art form, it's very much like creating a sculpture. We use very a wide-variety of proper training variables for a muscle-building program. With the help of certain training factors such as exercise tempo, recovery time, and the right training intensity there's no where that the human body can go to. We then organize each individual program with  specific exercises that cater to the clients goals, needs, and genetics. The reason being is not all bodies are created equal, in the sense that different principles work for different types of people.​ For muscle building programs we highly recommend training at least 2-3 day per week on average, as well as maintaining a proper diet to yield optimal results.

Functional Health Programs

Here at Fitness From Within we place a lot of focus on building healthy muscle. We address proper structural alignment during our workouts, and increased energy levels afterwards to ensure we are adding your health as well as your quality of  living. We offer training programs that stress functionality and place a major emphasis on improved health. This type of training is meant to help prevent things like musculoskeletal injuries which typically are the results of improper and faulty movement patterns that take place during the day when performing normal activities. The true purpose of this type of training program is to mimic the the outside environment of your daily life, in order to ensure longevity and success in the long run.


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